Friday, January 18, 2008

Biodiesel in Australia - First Words.


This is the first post for this blog related to all facets of biodiesel production in Australia and other parts of the world that have the potential for producing biodiesel for ecological or economical reasons.

The ability to transform the transport industry through using a variety of sources such as animal and plant oil waste, low maintenance plant species and algae has great potential in Australia and the ability to increase jobs and create a more ecologically considerate economy.

I will be posting a variety of articles over time related to the young field of biodiesel production. Lets work together to make this a reality, change the way we live on this planet and promote the making of an economy based on more ethical sources.


rohit said...

i am Rohit Bansal
having agricultural background in INDIA. shifting to australia soon.
will u guide me how i start my carrier in biodiesel crop farming or any other streme related to biodiesel in australia. how is it beneficial for me.

hope for ur reply soon
Thanking You

Rohit Bansal

rohit said...

Mercedes steps on biodiesel

DaimlerChrysler India (DCIL)is so charged up on the idea of Biodiesel and took two C class vehicles - Mercedes Benz and Viano, the Mercedes van- topped them up with biodiesel from the jatropha plant for a 1,920 Km drive from Chandigarh to Leh. Mercedes vehicles were driven for over 6,000 Km in the humid climate of the south India and across the hot desert of the North India. After that runs continued in Pune.